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Assiniboia Spring Fever Lotto 4, 1999

Lotto 4 - 1998/1999

Previous Buyers' Draw

Don Sanderson, of Holland, Manitoba was our Previous Buyers' Draw winner. Don had a choice of winning $5,000.00 cash, a European vacation for two, or a 73 Ton Westeel Fertilizer bin. He chose the Cash! Don was our first Winner from Manitoba! George Malesh, Director, left and Gerald Muldoon, Fund-Raising Chair, right are presenting the cheque.

Early Bird Draw

David Brevik, of Williston North Dakota, USA, won $5,000.00. David was our first winner from the United States! He had Ticket Number 2529. David also had a choice of winning $5,000.00 cash, a European vacation for two, or a 73 Ton Westeel Fertilizer bin. He chose the Cash!

Grand Prize Winners!

Lauri & Ken Lozinski of Hyas, Saskatchewan were our Grand Prize Winners. They had a choice of receiving a 4WD Tractor and Air Seeder or $150,000.00 Cash.They held Ticket Number 2031, Receipt Number 2027, and it was VERY lucky for them! Bill Batty, Vice-President, left and Lee Mountain, President, far right, are presenting them with their cheque.

2nd Prize

Our runner up won a choice of a 1999 Dodge Neon or Chevrolet Cavalier or $15,000.000 Cash. Derrek Muldoon, of Crane Valley, Saskatchewan was the Lucky Winner, with Ticket Number 3278. Derrek chose to receive the Cash Prize. Derrek has been our only local winner in the Lotto! Bill Batty, left and Lee Mountain right, present Derrek, center, with his cheque.

3rd Prize

Third Prize was a 1999 Sea Doo GTS
It was won by Sandra & Ray Hanson of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, with Ticket Number 3898 and Receipt number 2552.

4th Prize

4th Prize was a Yamaha CS340E Snowmobile or $4,000.00 Cash! Doug Strom, from Kyle, Saskatchewan, chose $4,000.00 Cash as his Prize. He held Ticket Number 2877, Receipt Number 3300.

5th Prize

5th Prize was a Yamaha YFB250-K-R 4 Wheeler.
Don Mackow, of Chaplin, Saskatchewan won this Prize. He is shown picking up his Prize at Top Gun Yamaha in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. He held Ticket Number 2987, Receipt Number 3443.

6th Prize

Sixth Prize was a Zenith Big Screen 36" TV or $1,000.00 Cash. Janette Sparks, from Innisfail, Alberta, holding Ticket Number 0256, Receipt Number 0487, took $1,000.00 cash as her Prize.

7th Prize

A 266 Mhz Hewitt Rand Computer was won by Paul Warken, of Big Beaver, Saskatchewan. Paul is shown receiving his computer from Vice-President, Bill Batty and supplier, Glen Munro, from Glen's Computer Repair, in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. Paul had Ticket Number 2371, and Receipt Number 1568.

Other Great Prizes

A 4 day Trip for two to Las Vegas was won by Garry Huppe, from Nanton, Alberta. Garry picked the alternate cash prize of $500.00. He had Ticket Number 0072, Receipt Number 0125.

A Panasonic Camcorder was won by Cliff Paddington, of Qu' Appelle, Saskatchewan. He held Ticket Number 2970, Receipt Number 3420.

A Zenith 20" TV - VCR combination was won by Keith Hagen, of Admiral, Saskatchewan. He chose to receive an alternate cash Prize of $500.00. He had purchased Ticket Number 2537, Receipt Number 0418.

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