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Winners' Gallery!
Assiniboia Spring Fever Lotto 5 Winners - 2000

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Previous Buyer's Draw

Our Previous Buyers' Draw Winner, drawn on February 12, 2000, was Tena Baun, of Hague, Saskatchewan. Tena had a choice of winning a Scenic, European, 14 day Vacation for two, to London, then Brussels, with a Rhine River Cruise, and a train ride through the Swiss Alps, then on to Paris or $5,000.00 Cash. Tena chose to go on the European Vacation leaving April 19! Tena is shown being presented with her prize by President Bill Batty, left and Lotto Chair, Lee Mountain. Tena came to Assiniboia, with her husband, to be awarded with her prize. Tena really enjoyed her trip!

Early Bird Draw

Our Early Bird Draw, drawn on March 25, 2000 was won by Edward Gilbert of Wolseley, SK. Edward also had a choice of winning a 2 week European Vacation for two, or $5,000.00 Cash. He chose the CASH prize of $5,000, as he doesn't travel much. Mr. Gilbert came to Assiniboia to pick up his prize and was treated to lunch at a local restaurant. Congratulations Edward Gilbert!

The Grand Prize in our Lottery was drawn at the Assiniboia Trade Show on Sunday, April 30, 2000. The drawing of the Prize Winners in the Spring Fever Lotto was the last item on the Agenda at the Trade Show. After the Grand Prize Winner's name was drawn we contacted the Winners by phone, and this was broadcast over the speaker system at the Trade Show. Local supporters of our lottery really enjoy the chance to hear the Winners being notified of their good fortune first hand!

Grand Prize Winners

Congratulations to this year's Grand Prize Winners, Mike and Annette Zak, from Fir Mountain, Saskatchewan, who chose as their Grand Prize $150,000.00 CASH! Our Winners had a choice of receiving cash or our Farm or Ranch Package of machinery valued at $230,000.00. Mike and Annette farm near Fir Mountain, Sask. and have five children, who have all finished high school and moved from the farm. Mike and Annette plan to share their Grand Prize with their children. Mike and Annette had Lucky ticket no. 1592, and Receipt no. 1859. Annette had purchased their ticket before our Previous Buyers' Draw.

2nd Prize Winner

The 2nd Place Prize Winner , Bruce Kohlman, is a farmer and truck driver from Altario, Alberta. Bruce had a choice of one of two prizes, a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier, worth $19,944.50, from Compton's Chev Olds in Assiniboia, OR $15,000.00 CASH. Bruce and his wife have five children up to the age of eleven, so a car was not big enough for his family! Bruce chose CASH as his prize!He travelled to Assiniboia to pick up his cheque for $15,000.00! President, Bill Batty, left, and Lotto Chair, Lee Mountain, right, are shown presenting, Bruce, centre with his cheque, at lotto headquarters in Assiniboia.

3rd Prize Winner

The 3rd place Prize Winner, Glen Leggott is Lanigan, Saskatchewan. Glen won a 2000 Sea Doo GTI, 3 passenger, 720 cc - 84 hp, valued at $10,225.37.

Glen Leggott is shown in the picture to the left, on the right side, with his son, center, and sales manager Murray Robb on the left, being presented with the keys to his brand new Sea-doo! The Sea-Doo came with a trailer, and life jackets.

4th Prize Winners

Our 4th place Prize was won by the owners and employees of Monea G & Associates Inc., an accounting business in Assiniboia.

President Bill Batty, right, is shown presenting a cheque for $5,000.00 CASH to the Winners, Garth and Bev Monea, both from Assiniboia, Maureen Helland of Wood Mountain, Charlene Duckworth of Coderre, and Antoinette Noble, also of Assiniboia. This group were our only local winners in Lotto 5!

5th Prize Winner

The 5th place Prize Winner, Wayne Bohnert, from Mossleigh, Alberta, won a Lawnflite Garden Tractor, retail value, $1,695.00, supplied by The Southland Co-op in Assiniboia and MTD Products LTD. Wayne traveled to Assiniboia to pick up his tractor. President Bill Batty, left presents Wayne Bohnert and his wife, Candy, with their brand new Lawnflite Garden Tractor on the location where our new Community Complex will be built. The CIA have a square block allocated for the Community Complex. The land is owned by the town of Assiniboia, and the Assiniboia Memorial Co-operative Curling Rink.

The 6th place Prize Winner , Edith Smart, from Bienscarth, Manitoba, selected $600.00 Cash as her prize! Edith and her husband, shown in the picture to the left, traveled to Assiniboia to pick up Edith's cheque. Edith has been buying tickets in the Spring Fever Lotto for the last three years. She and her husband farm near Bienscarth.

The 7th place Prize Winner , Wayne Bachmier, from Fox Valley, Saskatchewan won a Goldstar 20" TV with VCR valued at $712.50.

The Total Retail Cost of Prizes in Lotto 5 was $286,863.24.

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