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Spring Fever Lotto

Lotto 12 - Winner's Gallery

The 12th Annual Spring Fever Lotto is done. All Prizes have been awarded. Below are our Winners!

Grand Prize Draw

Our Grand Prize winners, Jerry and Louise Hooker are from Lafleche, Saskatchewan. They held Ticket no. 1371, Receipt 4915. Jerry and Louise chose to receive as their Grand Prize $150,000.00 Cash!

CIA Chairman Bill Batty, left, and lottery chairman Lee Mountain, right, are shown presenting Jerry and Louise with their cheque at the Limerick Hotel, where we took our Grand Prize Winners out for a Celebration Supper.

Previous Buyer's Draw

Our Previous Buyer's Draw, on February 23rd, 2007, was won by Dr. George de la Harpe, from Shellbrook, Saskatchewan. Dr. de la Harpe and his wife won a 7 Day Alaskan Cruise, sailing on the Norwegian Sun, up the inside Passage, from June 3rd, 2007, to June 10th, 2007, leaving from Vancouver. Airfare from Saskatoon was included.

2nd Prize

2nd Prize was won by Martin Gulick, from Wanham, Alberta. Martin chose as his prize $8,000.00 Cash. Martin held Ticket no. 5161, Receipt no. 3438. He did not come to Assiniboia to receive his prize, but sent us a photo.

3rd Prize

3rd Prize was won by Mary Bruce, from Shellbrook, Saskatchewan. Mary chose as her Prize $6,000.00 Cash. Mary held Ticket no. 2990, Receipt No. 1935.

Lotto Director, Walter Chipak, journeyed to Shellbrook to present Mary Bruce with her cheque. They are pictured to the left.

4th Prize

Ralph Otto, from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta won 4th Prize in our Lottery. He chose to receive a Cash Prize of $4,000.00. Ralph held Ticket no. 2924, Receipt no. 4611.

5th Prize

Donald Quartly from Innisfail, Alberta Won $2,000.00 as his prize. Don held Ticket no. 2438, Receipt no. 0164.

Donald is shown to the right.

Early Bird Draw

Our Early Bird Draw made April, 21st, 2007, was won by Adella Corbiell, from Gleichen, Alberta. Adella chose a Prize of $5,000.00 CASH.

Very Early Buyer Prize Draws

Our 40 Very Early Buyer Prize Draws were made every Friday from March 16th, 2007, to April 6th, 2007. Ten prizes were drawn for each Friday. Our draws were for 20 Free Spring Fever Lotto tickets, 10 Panasonic microwave ovens (or a free ticket or $100.00) and ten Bernie Brown Prints.

Our Winners were:

Spring Fever Lotto Ticket Winners:
1. Laurie and Kevin Norman, Elkpoint, Alberta
2. Ken Verot, Weyburn, Saskatchewan
3. Bill Deobald, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
4. Tom & Louise Sandau, Medicine Hat, Alberta
5. Keith & Chanda Duhaime, Vawn, Saskatchewan
6. Don McCutcheon and Barrie Fraser, Carman, Manitoba
7. Tom & Louise Sandau, Medicine Hat, Alberta
8. Francis and Clinton Hendrickson, Patricia, Alberta
9. Randy and Myrna Foster, Bracken, Saskatchewan
10. Denzil & Sharon Tibeau, Todd Tibeau, Cam & Ressa Bruce, Strathmore, Alberta
11. Ross Bros., David Ross, Verwood, Saskatchewan
12. Ralph Tomkins, Bonanza, Alberta
13. Ferne Madsen, Redvers, Saskatchewan
14. Laurie Anderson, Keeler, Saskatchewan
15. Trevor Maber, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
16. George Malesh, Walter Chipak, Carl Pilkey and Dan Mierau, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
17. Sid Wells, Marsden, Saskatchewan
18. Sarah Hagens, New Brigden, Alberta
19. David Carson, Fort McMurray, Alberta
20. Frank Majchrowski, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Winners of $100.00 Cash!
1. David and Travis Clark, Wawanesa, Manitoba
2. Alex & Charlene Geletchuk, Erickson, Manitoba
3. Morley Tallon, Lafleche, Saskatchewan
4. Rob Fraser, Melita, Manitoba
5.William Pratt, Nelson, British Columbia
6.Raymond Andronowich, Wadena, Saskatchewan
7.Ralph Tomkins, Bonanza, Alberta
8.Raymond Ungarian, Inglis, Manitoba
9. Garry Mains Boissevain, Manitoba
10. Corrie Croisant and Paul Emile Dumont, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

Winners of a Bernie Brown framed print!
1. Ruth Batty Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
2. David Ross, Verwood, Saskatchewan
3. Roy Pederson, Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
4. Lee Pahl, Bow Island, Alberta
5. Allen and Lynne Frank, Scout Lake, Saskatchewan
6. Elmer, Hovland, Outlook, Saskatchewan
7. Gerry Leduc, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
8. David Prystay, Preeceville, Saskatchewan
9. Gerald and Beverley Mokry, Red Deer, Alberta
10. Leonard Pylypow, Glaslyn, Saskatchewan

Other Great Prizes

The following winners each won a Sirius, Starmate 4, Satellite radio:

1. William Louden, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 4980, Receipt No. 0654.
2. Annetta Herzog, Vernon, British Columbia, Ticket No. 3722, Receipt No. 4248.
3. Gordon and Karen Fox, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 3042, Receipt No. 4168.
4. Dennis Kowalski, Wishart, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 1757, Receipt No. 3384.
5. Todd & Lynn Buchko, Battleford, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 5062, Receipt No. 0951.
6. James Slobodan, Regina, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 3479, Receipt No. 4816.
7. Irvin Murray, Buchanan, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 1459, Receipt No. 2018.
8. Ian & Ella Wesenberg, Barrhead, Alberta, Ticket No. 2688, Receipt No. 2958.
9. Martin & Sandra Wilson, Cochrane, Alberta, Ticket No. 4118, Receipt No. 3344.
10. Jim Nohnychuk, High Level, Alberta, Ticket No. 3825, Receipt No. 3885.

The following winners each won an RCA Lyra, MP3 Player:

1. Dallas Piller, Grenfell, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 3239, Receipt No. 4675.
2. Mark Rogers, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 0326, Receipt No. 4693.
3. Evelyn Bradley, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 1303, Receipt No. 4779.
4. Toosh McBride, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 0233, Receipt No. 0623,
5. Tim & Stella Bastable, Wauchope, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 0347, Receipt No. 4868.
6. Ralph Nelson, High River, Alberta, Ticket No. 2838, Receipt No. 4426
7. Roy Johnson, Canwood, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 0723, Receipt No. 4853.
8. Mick Popick, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 2143, Receipt No. 2444.
9. Wilf Horton, Ed Talaga and Reg Lopeter, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 2281, Receipt No. 2157.
10. Walter Palaschuk, Raymore, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 2798, Receipt No. 4403.

The following winners each won an 8 piece, Ratcheting Tool Set from Napa.

1. Lyle Helland & Sergio Gerolami, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 3466, Receipt No. 4785.
2. Gary & Margery McMurob, Lyleton, Manitoba, Ticket No. 1863, Receipt No. 3486.
3. Leonard Rempel, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 3563, Receipt No. 1520.
4. Kevin & Carol Franke, Trochu, Alberta, Ticket No. 1196, Receipt No. 0719.
5. Dale & Ginette Brenner, Montmartre, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 3305, Receipt No. 4433.
6. Ron & Leanne Dufresne, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 3552, Receipt No. 1483.
7. Jerry Stangland, Neidpath, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 1883, Receipt No. 3517.
8. Robin McKenzie, Regina, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 1804, Receipt No. 3435.
9. Stan Stanek, Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 1558, Receipt No. 2333.
10. Earl McDonald, Luseland, Saskatchewan, Ticket No. 3742, Receipt No. 4280.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all our ticket Buyers for your Support!

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