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Spring Fever Lotto

Lotto 13 - Winner's Gallery

The 13th Annual Spring Fever Lotto SOLD OUT! Congratulations to our Winners!

Grand Prize

Our Grand Prize Draw made on Saturday, May 10, 2008, was won by Robert Harrison, of Dauphin, Manitoba. Robert chose as his Grand Prize $150,000.00 Cash!

Robert came to Assiniboia for a Prize presentation ceremony. He is shown to the left in front of our donation wall in the Prince of Wales Cultural and Recreation Centre in Assiniboia, being presented with his cheque by lotto chairman, Lee Mountain, and CIA President, Bill Batty. When we phoned Robert to tell him he was a winner he chose to receive the Cash Prize in our first phone call with him. He is a farmer and plans to use some of the money to fix his big truck. The motor on his truck had blown two days before he won our lottery!

The CIA executive took Robert out for lunch at the Western Harvest restaurant to celebrate his Win.

The photo shown is taken by Assiniboia Times reporter, Bill Armstrong.

2nd Prize

Our 2nd Prize was won by Patrick Robert, of Morris, Manitoba. Mr. Morris chose $8,000.00 Cash as his Prize.

3rd Prize

3rd Prize has been won by Nick Marchak of Edmonton, Alberta. Our Winner has chosen $6,000.00 Cash as his Prize.

4th Prize

Our 4th Prize was won by Larry Day of Carnduff, Saskatchewan. Mr. Day chose to receive a Cash Prize of $4,000.00.

The Day family all came to Assiniboia to pick up their prize. At our cheque presentation, Lori Day, the Winner's wife, holding son Lucas Day, is shown being given their cheque by CIA Chairman Bill Batty and Lotto Chairman Lee Mountain. Larry Day is beside Lee, holding his cheque, with his son, Levi, and daughter, Lexi, to his right. The presentation was held in front of our Donor's Palque, in the Prince of Wales Cultural and Recreation Centre. The Days plan to use their Prize to go on a family vacation to Disneyland.

This is the second time the Day family have been Lucky in our lottery. In Lotto 9, on Valentine's Day, they won our Previous Buyers' Draw, for $5,000.00!!

The photo taken is by Assiniboia Times, reporter Joyce Simard.

5th Prize

Our 5th Prize has been won by Vern Knott, of Nestow, Alberta. Vern has chosen to receive $3,000.00 Cash as his Prize.

6th Prize

The hottest electronics gadget available this year, the Apple iPod Touch 16GB, has been won by Trevor Diepz of Buchanan, Saskatchewan. This great device allows you to play your music, videos, photos and web sites, by touch. The 3.5" widescreen display has a multi-touch interface so you can scroll through the contents stored on the iPod. Put entertainment at your fingertips. Watch up to 5 hours of video. Play up to 22 hours of music. Search the Web using the Touch screen keyboard. Watch featured YouTubes Videos. Only 8mm thin, it's a touch of genius.

The iPod Touch Prize is supplied by The Source in Assiniboia.

7th Prize

Our 7th place Prize was won by a McCord, Saskatchewan, resident, Tom McCrea. Mr. McCrea choose a Cash Prize of $500.00.

Previous Buyer's Draw

Our Previous Buyer's Draw, on February 23rd, 2008, was won by Marc Racine, from St. Malo, Manitoba. Marc chose $5,000.00 Cash as his prize!

Very Early Buyer Prize Draws

Our 30 Very Early Buyer Prize Draws were drawn every Friday from March 21st, 2008, to April 4th, 2008. Ten prizes were drawn for each Friday. Our winners will had a choice of receiving a Free Spring Fever Lotto ticket, a Cordless drills or one a Digital Photo frame.

Our Winners were:

Spring Fever Lotto Ticket Winners:
1. Sanford Roberts, New Eminence, Kentucky, with - Ticket 2807, Receipt 4181.
2. Brent Kittleson, Bromhead, Saskatchewan, with - Ticket 1648, Receipt 4029.
3. Dennis Haser, Billings, Montana, with - Ticket 2630, Receipt 3746.
4. Tourigny Brothers, POnteix, Saskatchewan, with - Ticket 0118, Receipt 0087.
5. Shawn Bourgeois, Lafleche, Saskatchewan, with Ticket 3231, Receipt 3714.
6. Ed and Ben Musey, Danbury, Saskatchewan, with - Ticket 1213, Receipt 1346.
7. David & Penny Noble, Kyle, Saskatchewan, with Ticket 0559, Receipt 1509
8. Edward Lozinski, Archerwill, Saskatchewan, with - Ticket 1326, Receipt 4573.
9. Dave Carriere, Storthoaks, Saskatchewan, with - Ticket 2270, Receipt 3895.
10. Dennis Haser, Billings, Montana, with - Ticket 2630, Receipt 3746. Yes he won twice with the same tickets, on 2 different Fridays!
11. John Johnson, Chauvin, Alberta Won with - Ticket 4518, Receipt 4914.
12. Stew Brian, Sundre, Alberta Won with - Ticket 5276, Receipt 5116.
13. Dwight & Karen McNutt & Barry & Connie Kennedy, Crane Valley, Saskatchewan, Won with - Ticket 3241, Receipt 3532.
14. Kenneth Johnston, Buck Lake, Alberta, with - Ticket 2230, Receipt 3901.
15. John Edjar, Invermere, BC, Won with - Ticket 3576, Receipt 2129.
16. Edward H. James, Balmoral, Manitoba, Won with - Ticket 1236, Receipt 4545.
17. Cunliffe Neilmeyer, Regina, Saskatchewan Won with - Ticket 2314, Receipt 4069.
18. Mervin McRorie, Jarvie, Alberta, Ticket 1508, Receipt 0554.
19. Trent Brister, Whitewood, Saskatchewan, Won with - Ticket 0149, Receipt 0133.

Winners of Cordless drills!
1. Bruce & Colleen Turner, Carberry, Manitoba, won with Ticket 2626, Receipt 3880.
2. Joyce & Bob Kindt, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, won with - Ticket 3742, Receipt 4977.
3. Blaine & Jackie Johnson, Clearwater, Manitoba, won with - Ticket 0068, Receipt 0072.
4. Remi Lebel, Zenon Park, Saskatchewan, won with - Ticket 3789, Receipt 5163.
5. Alex Krill, Ardmore, Alberta, won with - Ticket 1495, Receipt 1791.
6. Kasey Phillips, Waskatenau, Alberta, won with - Ticket 0396, Receipt 3861.
7. Garth Hillmer, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, won with - Ticket 5233, Receipt 2118.

Winners of Digital Photo frames!
1. Alan MacDougall, Francis, Saskatchewan, Ticket 0898, Receipt 1987.
2. Michael G. Bertrand, Air Ronge, Saskatchewan, won with - Ticket 4090, Receipt 5179.
3. Glen & Deb Sorenson, Wawota, Saskatchewan, won with ticket no. 1788, receipt 0787.
4. Marlene Mesisner, Moosehorn, Manitoba, won with ticket 0958, receipt 4826.

Early Bird Draw

Our Early Bird Draw was made on Friday, April 18th, 2008. Congratulations to our Early Bird Draw Winner Doug Gaillard, from Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. Doug has chosen to receive as his Prize $5,000.00 Cash. He had a choice of receiving Cash, a 7 day Alaskan cruise for 2, or a GE stainless steel fridge, stove and dishwasher. Doug won our Early Bird Draw with ticket no. 3481, receipt no. 4707. Doug is one of the few local winners we have had in the Spring Fever Lotto.

The photo to the left shows Doug, on the far right, accepting his cheque from Lotto Chairman Lee Mountain and Director, George Malesh.

Previous Buyers' Draw

Our Previous Buyers' Draw, was on Saturday, February, 23rd, 2008. Congratulations to our winner, Marc Racine, from St. Malo, Manitoba. Marc chose to receive, $5,000.00 Cash as his Prize.

Other Great Prizes won are listed below.

Wet/Dry Shop vacs, supplied by Southland Co-operative Ltd. in Assiniboia, were won by:
1. Mike Clermont, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan.
2. John Johnson, Chauvin, Alberta.

5 Apple iPod Shuffles 1 G, silver, supplied by ZA Computers, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan have been won by:
1. Peggy Gronsdahl, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan:
2. Christopher Moat, Farmington, British Columbia.
3. Gloria and Bruce Hildebrand, Grenfell, Saskatchewan.
4. Stanley Kellett, Regina, Saskatchewan.
5. Marcel Delorme, St. Joseph, Manitoba.

The silver, Apple iPod Shuffle stores up to 12 hours of music playback, up to 240 of songs, and works with either a Mac or PC. It stores data via USB flash drive. The iPod Shuffle makes a great gift for the teenager in your family!

Ten Sansa SanDisk MP3 players with 1.8", full colour photo viewer have been won by the following lucky winners! This unit is an MP3 player with 2GB of storage, and an expansion slot for additional memory capacity. It plays audio, video clips and photos. It has earphones, an integrated voice recorder with built in microphone, Digital FM Tuner, and rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. This Prize is supplied byHarvey's Home Center in Assiniboia.
1. Albert Syrota, Regina, Saskatchewan.
2. Leslie Kneeland, Halkirk, Alberta.
3. Dave & Robert Marit, & Renaud Bissonette, from Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan.
4. Kevin Brown of Simpson, Saskatchewan.
5. Katryn Petersen of Fir Mountain, Saskatchewan.
6. Doug Bender and Bill Schnider of Avonlea, Saskatchewan.
7. Jason Leblanc, Estevan, Saskatchewan.
8. Clinton Zopf, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
9. Patrick Rudiger, Leduc, Alberta.

A Spring Fever Lotto Ticket was won by Candace and Karen Blake, McCord, Saskatchewan, with ticket no. 5187, receipt 2989

Ten Siruis Satellite radios, supplied by The Source in Assiniboia, were won by:
1. Marg Loewen, Rosemary, Alberta.
2. Laura Wallaker, Creighton, Saskatchewan.
3. Louis Lacoursiere, North Battleford, Saskatchewan.
4. Yvonne Haubrich, Hodgeville, Saskatchewan.
5. Gerry & Phyllis Goebel, Swift Current, Saskatchewan.
6. Darrell Moe of Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan.
7. Robert Stamm of Glenavon, Saskatchewan.
8. Lance Bean of Rouleau, Saskatchewan.
9. Bruce Bymoen, of Simmie, Saskatchewan.
10. Cameron Neurenberg, Lac du Bonnett, Manitoba.

5 cordless Pan phones, supplied by The Source in Assiniboia have been won by:
1. Margaret & Cecil Akins, Harris, Saskatchewan.
2. Ken Kevol, Earl Grey, Saskatchewan.
3. Ken Parrish from Ponteix, Saskatchewan.
4. Robert Metner, Moosehorn, Manitoba.
5. Donald Stouffer, Fort Assiniboia, Alberta.

Cordless Drills, supplied by the Southland Co-op, in Assiniboia have been won by:
1. Alex Krill, Ardmore, Alberta.
2. Cory & Darlene Rewerts, Cutknife, Saskatchewan.
3. Lyle Lamb, Hepburn, Saskatchewan.
4. Stan James, Fir Mountain, Saskatchewan.

Five Kodak EasyShare SV710 7" Digital Photo Frames, supplied by ZA Computers, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, have been won by the winners listed below.

1. Scott Church, Balzak, Alberta.
2. Jack Maze, Unity, Saskatchewan.
3. Owen Middleton, Balgonie, Saskatchewan.
4. Melanie & Johnny Trach, of Denholm, Saskatchewan.
5. Vern Otto of Beausejour, Manitoba.
6. Rod Brown and Ian and Sharon Reichert, of Manitou, Manitoba.

The Digital Photo frame has a 7 Screen, supports JPEG pictures and can show a slide Show. Pictures can be loaded into it using a USB Port, Memory Stick, Secure Digital Card, Compact Flash, XD-Picture Card. This photo frame would be great to store photos of a wedding or family vacation. Once the pictures are loaded it can be watched as a slide show.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all our ticket Buyers for your Support!

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