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Spring Fever Lotto - 2010

Lotto 15 - Winner's Gallery
Winners are added to our winners list after they have been notified and after they select a prize choice.

Previous Buyer's Draw

Congratulations to the Spring Fever Lotto Previous Buyer's Draw, winner, Lorrie Graham, from Briercrest, Saskatchewan. Lorrie and her husband Al are shown to the left being presented with the Prize Cheque by Lotto Chairman, Lee Mountain and Treasurer, Eugene Clermont. Congratulations Lorrie!

This prize was drawn Sunday, February 21, 2010. Lorrie and Al came to Assiniboia to collect their winnings. Our executive treated them to lunch at 121 Steakhouse, here in Assiniboia. We appreciate meeting our Winners and hearing about their plans for their Prize.

Early Bird Draw

Win Alaskan Cruise from Norwegian Cruise Lines, Spring Fever Lottery On April 24, 2010 our Early Bird Draw was made. The winners of this draw are Willie and Lorette Grimard from Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

The Grimards have decided to take the 7 day Alaskan Cruise for 2 as their prize! The trip sails up the inside passage, leaving from Vancouver, visiting Ketchikan, and Juneau. Airfare from western Canada to Vancouver is included.

Grand Prize Draw

Our Grand Prize has been won by Clint Collins from Beaverlodge Alberta. Clint has chosen to receive $150,000.00 as his Grand Prize!

Our Grand Prize Winner and his family came to Assiniboia to pick up their Grand Prize cheque for $150,000.00. Shown to the left, is Bill Batty, CIA President, presenting the Winning cheque to the Collins family, Tyler Collins, Clint Collins, Anna Collins, holding Faith Collins, and Wyatt Collins with Lee Mountain, Lottery Chairman, helping with the presentation.

The Collins family farm and ranch in the Beaverlodge area. They have not yet decided how to spend their Grand Prize winnings.

2nd Prize

Our 2nd Prize has been won by Luc Marchand, a gentleman from Calgary Alberta. Mr. Marchand has chosen to receive $8,000.00 Cash as his Prize.

3rd Prize

Our 3rd Prize has been won by Darcy Paul from Edsen, Alberta. Darcy has selected a Cash Prize of $5,000.00.

4th Prize

Colleen Davidson of Aneroid, Saskatchewan has won 4th Prize. Colleen has chosen $2,000.00 Cash as her Prize. Colleen and her husband are shown in the picture to the right, on the far right, with President Bill Batty, receiving their Prize at a Prize Winners' dinner held at 121 Steakhouse in Assiniboia.

7th Place Winners, Brenda and Mitch Disney, from Killdeer, Saskatchewan, also attending the dinner to receive their Prize of $500.00. They are shown in the picture, on the left, accepting their Prize.

5th Prize

Our 5th Prize of $3,000.00 Cash, has been won by Richard Perras, from Glenavon, Saskatchewan.

6th Prize

Our 6th Prize was won by Hal Griffith from Norquay, Saskatchewan. He won a 42" Murray Lawn tractor. Hal and his wife Irene brought their whole family to Assiniboia to pick up their tractor.

Southland Co-op Farm Service Center manager, Gene Danczak is shown shaking hands with Hal, as he presents Hal and his wife, Irene with their new Murray Lawn Tractor. Their son Cody and daughter Haley were quite excited with their prize! Bill Batty, CIA President, is shown to the far left, helping in the presentation.

7th Prize

Our 7th Prize of $600.00 Cash, has been won by Mitch and Brenda Disney, a couple from Killdeer, Saskatchewan. They are shown in the picture above, on the left, with Bill Batty, CIA President.

8th Prize

Victor Fiset and Bruce Fiset, from Lafleche, Saskatchewan have selected $500.00 cash as their prize.

9th Prize

Garnet Olson from Webb, Saskatchewan has won a Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigator!

10th Prize

Corrie Richardson, Eastend, Saskatchewan

40 Other Great Prizes

Starmate 5, Sirius Satellite Radio
1. Wayne Allen, Avery Allen & Jodey Allen, Bateman, Saskatchewan
2. Sam and Linda Beutler, Whitewood, Saskatchewan
3. Vi and Tony Day, Carnduff, Saskatchewan
4. John & Florence Pituley from Rockglen, Saskatchewan
5. Paul Heller from Warren, Manitoba
6. Tibor Takach and Norman Seiferling from White City, Saskatchewan
7. Dean Thomson from Swift Current, Saskatchewan
8. Larry Weatherhead from Burdett, Alberta
9. Emanuel Craveiro, St. Andrews, Manitoba
10.Gordon and Donna Bell, Brenda, David Holly and Louise Bell, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

Panasonic Cordless phone
1. Ken Bullych, Ituna, Saskatchewan
2. Orland Walker, Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
3. Paul Gratton, St. Vincent, Alberta
4. Michael Kasprick, Eden, Manitoba
5. Dennis Baedke, Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan
6. Clifford and Florence Pomeroy, Souris, Manitoba
7. Mary Nagy, Blackfalds, Alberta
8. Marvin Lychuk, Kenville, Manitoba
9. Jeff Bruce, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
10. Terry Peterson, Weldon, Saskatchewan

Bushnell Binoculars, 10x50
1. Kevin Vervalcke, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
2. Reginald Siegel, Oyen, Alberta
3. Barry Weisbrod, Lumsden, Saskatchewan
4. Bryan Hadland, Weldon, Saskatchewan
5. Darcy Holhauser, Regina, Saskatchewan
6. Bernie Schmidt, Milestone, Saskatchewan
7. Don Knezacek, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan
8. Tom and Jordan Ingram, Coronach, Saskatchewan
9. Sylvia Coghill, McLean, Saskatchewan
10. Leah and Derwin Joelson,Shellbrook, Saskatchewan

Davis Instruments WindScribe
1. Wade Sutherland, Swift Current
2. Dailen Spedding, Bjorkdale, Saskatchewan
3. Bud and Marjorie Askin, Arcola, Saskatchewan
4. Ray and Doris Frehlick, Estevan, Saskatchewan
5. Bob Cooper, Edam, Saskatchewan
6. Roger Balon, Tway, Saskatchewan
7. Austin & Debbie Elliott, Flaxcombe, Saskatchewan
8. Brenda Deobald, Hodgeville, Saskatchewan
9. Lisa Bonnett, Killam, Alberta
10. Martin Wrolson, Coronach, Saskatchewan

30 Very Early Buyer Draws

Our 30 Very Early Buyer Draws are done. On March 26, April 2 and April 9, 2010 we had 10 draws on each day. The Winners had a choice of winning a Bionaire Perma cool humidifier, a Hamilton Beach Meal Maker Express Contact Grill, or another Spring Fever Lotto ticket. The Lucky Winners are listed below.

Hamilton Beach Meal Maker Express Contact Grill
Hamilton Beach Grill 1. Bill Bumbac, Limerick, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 0810, Receipt 3404.
2. Jana Stensland, Assiniboia, ticket 2145, receipt 1444, chose a contact grill
3. James Austin Jr., Hilda, Alberta, won with ticket 0794, receipt 3527

Bionaire Perma cool humidifier
1. Catherine Demarco, Southey, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 2423, Receipt 4340
2. Scott Lanti, High Level, Alberta, won with ticket 0935, Receipt 3540
3. Leo & Darlene Thorhaug, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, won with ticket 4172, receipt 1445
4. Alex Krill, Ardmore, Alberta, won with ticket 1498, receipt 1119

Spring Fever Lotto Ticket Winners
1. Glenn & Josephine Petterson, Gladmar, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 2516, Receipt 4397.
2. John Piasecki, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 0216, Receipt 0171.
3. Jacquie and Jack Swainson, Red Deer, Alberta, won with Ticket 2526, Receipt 4316.
4. Clem Goddu, Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 2013, Receipt 4156.
5. John Terry, Milestone, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 1642, Receipt 0450.
6. Lyle Knorr, Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, won with ticket 2204, receipt 1221
Bionaire Humidifier 7. Jerry Schmidt & Allan Hoag, Viceroy, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 3761, Receipt 3559
8. William Nichol, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 0171, Receipt 0129
9. Elise Gignac & Steve Fortowsky, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with ticket 1999, Receipt 0336
10. Margaret Clack, Coldstream, BC won with Ticket 1588, Receipt 0808
11. Corinne Marchildon, Victoire, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 0628, Receipt 3391
12. Van & Mary Conley, Regina, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 1641, Receipt 3500
13. Larry Zuk, Watson, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 4710, Receipt 4845
14. Carl Pashko, Manning, Alberta, won with Ticket 1687, Receipt 3685
15. John Adamache, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 3929, Receipt 1421
16. Andy Zerebeski, Saskatoon, won with ticket 2297, receipt 0958
17. Raymond & Yvonne Gatzke, Spiritwood, Saskatchewan, won with ticket 2276, receipt 3879
18. Bill Goudy & Dale Anderson, Stoughton, Saskatchewan, won with ticket 0358, receipt 3170
19. Steven Bennett, Rockglen, Saskatchewan, won with ticket 0425, receipt 3120
20. Meryle Iwanicki, Glentworth, Saskatchewan, won with ticket 0494, receipt 4231
21. Corrie Croisant & Paul Dumont, Assiniboia and Lafleche, won with ticket 3871, receipt 4432
22. Brenda Bender, Ravenscrag, Saskatchewan, won with Ticket 0238, Receipt 0187
23. Clem Kuntz, Medicine Hat, Alberta, won with ticket 1217, receipt 0891

A BIG THANK YOU to all Buyers for your Support!

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