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Early Bird Draw
Winners' Gallery - Spring Fever Lotto - Lotto 17, 2012

Winners' Gallery
Assiniboia Spring Fever Lotto 17, 2012

Grand Prize Winner

Our Grand Prize Winner, drawn May 12, 2012 is Leonard Turko, from McCreary, Manitoba. Leonard is a farmer and has chosen to receive $150,000 Cash as his Grand Prize! Congratulations! Leonard and his wife came to Assiniboia to pick up the Grand Prize. They are shown being presented with their Prize in the Prince of Wales Cultural and Recreation Centre, in front of our donation wall.

50/50 Winner

This year we added a 50/50 Lotto and sold over $88,000 in tickets. The Winner, Michael Cryderman from Manitoba, is shown bring presented with his Cheque for $44,425.00 by lotto chairman, Lee Mountain, and CIA President, Bill Batty!

Previous Buyer's Draw

The 17th Annual Spring Fever Lotto is over for this year.

Our Previous Buyer's Draw was held on Saturday, February 25, 2012. The Winner was Toosh McBride from Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Toosh, a fire fighter, has chosen to receive $5,000.00 Cash as his Prize. Congratulations Toosh! He is shown to the right, holding his cheque.

30 Very Early Buyer Prize Draws

Our 30 Very Early Buyer Prize Draws were drawn Friday, March 23, 2012. The Winners had a choice of receiving a Spring Fever Lotto ticket, 2 ten packs of 50/50 tickets, a Keurig One Cup Coffee Dispenser, or a Stihl Lawn trimmer, model FSE 60.

The Winners are:
1. Abe Friesen, Herbert, Saskatchewan
2. Edward Houser, Unity, Saskatchewan
3. Vern Klym, Regina, Saskatchewan, pictured to the left
4. Dennis Nelson, Central Butte, Saskatchewan
5. Louis Dechaine, St. Lina, Alberta
6. Rick Borysiuk, Vermillion, Alberta
7. Mark, Derrick and Travis Catterall, Regina, Saskatchewan
8. Red and Gladys Herbert, Melville, Saskatchewan
9. Larry Reid, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
10. William Coady, Tawatinaw, Alberta
11. Assiniboia Vitera staff, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
12. George Colcerin, Regina, Saskatchewan, shown left
13. Ken Wallewein, Estevan, Saskatchewan
14. Kevin McLeod, Tribune, Saskatchewan
15. Trevor and Jerry Gach, Nampa, Alberta

16. Mark & Scott Carefoot, Swift Current, Saskatchewan - pictured to the left
17. Valerie McNeil, Arcola, Saskatchewan
18. Laura Foley, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
19. Neil, Keith and Laurie Gilbert, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
20. Deborah and Perry Cormack, Dodsland, Saskatchewan
21. Stacey Lund, Griffin, Saskatchewan
22. Gordon Nueller, Humboldt, Saskatchewan
23. Ronald Gagnon, St. Alphonse, Manitoba
24. Baine Fritzler, Govan, Saskatchewan
25. Brian and Barry Chwedoruk, Lac La Biche, Alberta
26. Josh North, Carnduff, Saskatchewan
27. Norah & Richard Meyer, Valemount, British Columbia - shown to the left
28. Brian Boulton, Reston, Manitoba
29. Lawrence Adams, Duchess, Alberta
30. Steffie Gulka, Warspite, Alberta

Early Bird Draw

Our Early Bird Draw was held on Saturday, April 7th, 2011. Congratulations to the lucky Winners, Peter and Collette Stupinski from Stony Plains, Alberta. Our Winners are going on a 7 Day Alaskan Cruise for two, with airfare from Edmonton! Enjoy the trip!

2nd Prize Winner

Our 2nd Prize Winner is Lynn Thomas from Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Lynn chose to receive $7,000 Cash as her prize. Congratulations Lynn!

3rd Prize Winner

Our Third Prize Winner, is Glen Viergutz, from Ogema, Saskatchewan. Glen chose to receive $4,000.00 Cash as his Prize.

4th Prize Winner

4th Prize was won by Diana Malinowski from Mazenod, Saskatchewan. Diana chose to receive $3,000 as her Prize!

5th Prize Winner

Our 5th Prize Winners, Darlene Metro and Tammy Metro are from Bentley, Alberta. Congratulations ladies! This mother and daughter chose to receive $2,000.00 as their Prize.

6th Prize Winner

Our 6th Prize Winner is Robert Ebbinghaus, from Lockport, Manitoba. Robert chose $900.00 Cash as his Prize! Robert is shown to the left holding his Prize!

7th Prize Winner

Our 7th Prize Winner is Eugene Lance, from Ponoka, Alberta. Eugene selected $800.00 Cash as his Prize!

8th Prize Winner

Our 8th Prize Winner is Rick Wiliams, from Tribune, Saskatchewan. Rick selected $500.00 Cash as his Prize.

9th Prize Winner

Our 9th Prize Winner is Eleanor Hobbs from Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. Eleanor chose to receive $500.00 Cash as her Prize!

10th and 11th Prize Winners

Our 10th Prize Winner is Gary Jonescu from Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. Gary chose to receive $300.00 Cash as his Prize.

Our 11th Prize Winners are Brian and Jenn Larson, from Medicine Hat, Alberta. Brian and Jenn chose to receive $300.00 Cash as their Prize.

40 Other Great Prize Winners

3 Windscribe Wind Meters
1. Reg Horner, Biggar, Saskatchewan
2. Brian and Kim Gyman, Viceroy, Saskatchewan
3. Vince Nelson, Outlook, Saskatchewan

7 sets of Bernie Brown Dinnerware
4. Debbie Montgomery, Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan
5. Brian Perras, Montmarte, Saskatchewan
6. Laurent Arams, Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan
7 Garmin Nuvi GPS
7. David MacLeod, Swift Current, Saskatchewan
8. Dave and Linda Fehr, Thorhild, Alberta
9. Scott Lansford, Martensville, Saskatchewan
10. Mary and Mervin Olafson, Morden, Saskatchewan
11. Edward Houser, Unity, Saskatchewan
12. Bob Peters, Eatonia, Saskatchewan
13. David Lix, Viceroy, Saskatchewan
14. Jeff, Maria, Sierra and Ashley Androschuk, Tomahawk, Alberta

5 Sirius Starmate 6 Satelite Radios
15. Shawn Griffin, Elbow, Saskatchewan
16. Marc Bellanger, Mervin, Saskatchewan
17. Larry Thomas, Davidson, Saskatchewan
18. Aaron Gaudreau, Humboldt, Saskatchewan
19. Lawrence Velker, Lethbridge, Alberta
20. Bernie Brandt, Steinbach, Manitoba

Samsung Digital Cameras
21. Francis Rask, Debden, Saskatchewan
22. Darren Deminchuk, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

2 FujiFilm Finepix Z70 digitalcameras
23. Leon Banadyga, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
24. Ron and Beryl Parrott, Franklin, Manitoba

10 King Canada Cordless Drills
25. Keith Pullman, Lanigan, Saskatchewan
26. Carol Devins, Saltcoats, Saskatchewan
27. Bill and Marilyn Howard, Innisfail, Alberta
28. Glenn MacKenzie, Hazenmore, Saskatchewan
29. Percy Cann, Lloydminster, Alberta
30. Margaret Albrecht, Leader, Saskatchewan
31. Wesley Woluschuk, Calgary, Alberta, shown to right
32. Charles Mead, Hixon, BC

Panasonic Cordless Phone Answering Systems
33. Ernie and Denise Gutzke, Odessa, Saskatchewan
34. Clint Collins, Beaverlodge, Alberta
35. Don Rubis, Coronach, Saskatchewan

Other - $100.00 Cash
36. Gary Tokariuk, Lethbridge, Alberta
37. David Kiefer, Unity, Saskatchewan
38. Maureen Braun, Regina, Saskatchewan
39. Glenn MacKenzie, Hazenmore, Saskatchewan
40. Bill and Marilyn Howard, Innisfail, Alberta

The proceeds from this Lotto will be used to build a new Skating Arena for the Town of Assiniboia! Your support has helped our community build the Prince of Wales Cultural and Recreation Centre that includes a curling arena, library, community college, movie theatre, fitness center, performing arts centre, recreation, and sports complex. With your continued support we can continue improving our town! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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Lottery Licence No. LR16-0076 issued by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Commission for our Prize Lotto, Lic. No. LR16-0075 for the 50/50 Lotto. Tickets may only be purchased or sold in Saskatchewan. Non-residents may purchase tickets while in Saskatchewan.